Friday, February 5, 2010

Obama Cuts Grant To School Libraries

I just came across this post about how President Obama is going to eliminate the "Improving Literacy Through School Libraries Grant Programs". I hear that the school libraries are upset. I can understand cause everybody who work in the school libraries are at stake here. The elimination of such programs can mean that school libraries will have less money to spend on book purchase, on salary increase etc., etc.

I never went to K-12 here in America, so I have no idea how the school libraries in this country are run, or are effective in terms of making an impact in improving the quality of public education here.

President Obama is cutting school libraries funding because he is increasing education spending by $400 billion (god, just the $$ makes me feel dizzy as a young taxpayer..). Obviously more money is going to spend on education, just not in the "school libraries". Since I haven't read the detail of where this $400 billion is actually going to go down the "education" pipeline, I can't really comment whether or not the school libraries should get a piece of this $400 billion.. I mean can't Obama afford to give the school libraries $10 billion for the "Improving Literacy Through School Library Grants Program" out of this $400 billion instead of "nothing'"??

Again, this can only be answered when we can look at what areas are the $400 billion going to be spent, compare the relative benefits of them with the ones of the "Improving Literacy Through School Library Programs"

As a taxpayer, I of course support any cut of goverment spending, I even hope the government isn't going to increase education spending to $400 billion, period. But since President Obama is going to spend $400 billion of tax dollars on education anyway, why not apportion part of that to the school libraries? But since we already have the public libraries in every city and town, is it really necessary to spend more money on school libraries? I don't know since I didn't grow up here in America. May be those of you who did, can tell me. Do you like your school libraries, how do you feel about President Obama's funding cut to school libraries?

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