Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Book Review: Stepping on Roses Vol 4

In this volume, the melodrama had progressed to include a corporate power struggle, an infiltrator within a household, and the expansion of the love triangle into a love "square".  There is really no limit on imagination and story development in this Japanese Manga.  This book is quite entertaining and it takes my mind off my very stressful reality for one hour.  Yes, it takes this long to finish one book and this is the beauty of reading a Japanese Manga.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Book Review: Stepping on Roses, Vol. 3

The story is getting more melodramatic in Volume 3.  For some reason, it's also not as funny to me as the previous volumes.  It's entertaining enough however.  There are a lot of pretty drawings in Magna fashion. The plot in this volume further established the rivalry between the two handsome leading men in the love triangle.  It's a quick entertaining read during the subway or bus commute.