Friday, February 19, 2010

Book Club Discussion 2: # 3

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To acheive personal success and feel happy from the inside out, the author thinks that our soul needs to be fed with all the following 10 love Vitamins:

  1. G1: Love and support from God.
  2. P1: Love and support from our parents.
  3. F: Love and support from family, friends, and having fun.
  4. P2: Love and support from peers and others like us with similar goals.
  5. S: Love and support from ourselves.
  6. R: Love and support from intimate relationships, partnerships, and romance.
  7. D: Loving and supporting someone who is dependent on us.
  8. C: Giving back to our communities.
  9. W: Giving back to the world.
  10. G2: Serving God.

Do you agree with the author that we need all the above to feel lasting happiness from the inside? What love vitamins do you think you are deficient in right now?

My answer:

I think the author makes sense and I doubt anyone who has sufficient amount of all the above "love vitamins" can feel remotely unhappy at all. Glancing at the above list, I realize I'm deficient in F (since all my family and friends are back in Hong Kong), P2, C and W. I absolutely have no R and D. I'm also deficient in G1 and G2 since I'm not really a religious person...(I'm not agnostic but going to church and listening to others' interpretation of god and Jesus bore me ... I spent all my life in Catholic school and my college years in Baptist church... never was able to be converted to become either a Catholic or Christian...... may be I should try the synagogue next....)

Now I realize my soul is having a bad case of mal-nutrition... like that' s really comforting to know... Thanks Dr. Gray!! I wonder if Dr. Phil will give my soul a more encouraging diagnosis...

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