Saturday, February 20, 2010

Book Club Discussion 3: # 1

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The author of the book thinks that this century is an America-centric age and that studying the twenty-first century means studying the United States. Do you agree with the author?

My Answer:

Sure, America is currently still playing a very important role in the world, and is still exerting a lot of influence in the world's culture, economy and politics. But America is definitely not the only country that is shaping the world. There is no assurance that America will forever take the lead in shaping the world. The question is for how long can America keep her world dominance, and how much does America want to remain a super power? If only America wants to continue to remain on top throughout the twenty-first century, it's about time for America to start looking at other countries and learn what's happening in other countries. America's lack of understanding of other countries will only undermine her position in the world. The ignorance of other countries' competitiveness and ambition will cost the United States the stance in the twenty-first century. Yes, of course, other countries will study the United States. As a matter of fact, other countries have been studying the United States for decades. They have been taking notes of the weaknesses, the strengths and the mentality of the Unites States so they can bring her down to her knees one day or surpass her... Either way, they keep a very close watch of the United States. Unfortunately, America only sees herself in her own mirror, and assumes no one else is worth her attention.

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Hmmm, very interesting topic!! Can't wait to hear what you think of it.

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This looks like a fascinating's something I have been thinking about.

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Looks like a good one - enjoy!

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