Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Books and White Daffodils

I just finished reading "Less of A Stranger" by Nora Roberts. White daffodils were mentioned in the story. I love flowers so I just think I would like to start keeping track of all the flowers I find in the stories I read..... This is not my first time reading about white daffodils, I first read about it in an English novel (forgot which one) when I was 12. Back then I had no idea what daffodils were. I was too lazy to look it up in the dictionary (my English was not too good back then and I didn't bother to spend time learning every new English word I saw, I just ignored any word I didn't know and moved on) , so I never knew until when I was reading Martha Stewart magazine (a few years ago...) by accident that what daffodils looked like. And only then did I realize daffodils were the "Water Fairy Flowers" I had known all my life. As to why the Chinese call daffodils "Water Fairy Flowers", I have no idea????

Daffodils to me always mean New Year, because my dad always stocked up lots of white daffodils bulbs in preapartion for the Chinese New Year. I saw him prepping the bulb, soaking, cutting, not sure what exactly he was doing... but it was always an important project to prepare for Chinese New Year. How it happened I had no idea, just every first day of the Chinese New Year, in every corner inside our house, I saw flowers blooming out of the daffodils plants that my dad made a big fuss prepping for well before the Chinese New Year. They never bloomed one day earlier or one day later, but always on the first day of Chinese New Year. To have the daffodils blooming on the first day of the Chinese New Year has always been very important in a Chinese New Year tradition (a symbol for bringing booming wealth in the coming year). My dad took it very seriously. He was so serious about it that my siblings and I would never dare to touch the bulbs, even though we always had an urge to grab a few, cut them up and make little bears out of them.... But we never dared...

So what flowers did you find in your reading today?

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