Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is This How People Write Books??

I can't believe that after spending time reading 7 chapters of this book (119/239 pages), I still can't find anything that is useful to me! I wonder how many books are written this way, which fill up substantial number of pages with common knowlege, repetition, or just merely re-print of other websites' "about page" or blog posts???

This book spent a few chapters quoting blog posts from Apple computer or other big companies, and describing what or are....(as if I can't read about them on their sites..) As much as many people know that blogs can be used to create open conversation with anyone we want to interact; and to discuss any topic we want to discuss, the first 4 chapters about this book are way too dedicated to describing in detail, what is a news blog, what is a product blog and what is a project blog about. I'm sure the authors can easily write a 1000 pages about each type of blogs if they want to...(since there are blogs about just any topic or issue) Luckily, they only wrote a few chapters about several blog topics...

So far, I'm not happy with the book, as if the authors had not much content to really write a book about...and are struggling to fill up pages.

My problem is I never was able to quit a book that I bought... I got to finish this one no matter what. It's so hard to find a good book that is worth the money anymore. I just wish there could be more honest, unbiased and useful reviews to help me find a book that is worthy of my time to read.....

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inthehammockblog said...

I'm sorry you aren't enjoying this one :( I'd probably just quit reading it, there are so many more things you could be reading!!

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