Monday, January 11, 2010

Great Imagination And Good Question From An Interesting Book

(Note: The above photo is what I imagined the setting of this novel is kind of like... To check out the interior of the place, click on the picture. For those of you who had read this book, can you tell me if this place resembles the setting of the novel? )

I'm currently reading this book and the author posted a question that I can't shake it off my head. That is, "Is imagination dependent upon experience, or experience influenced by the imagination?" So what do you think?

I suddenly realized that the ability of human beings to imagine had set us all apart from other living things on this planet. Without the ability to imagine, I don't think today, I can be sitting in front of my computer blogging about it. All these computer technology and inventions wouldn't have taken place if only we didn't have imagination.

In my opinion, both our imagination and our experience are influncing each other. It's our ability to imagine that fascinates me the most! The more fascinating thing is, other people's imagination is also influcencing our own everyday. Everything we read, everything we see that are presentation of others' imagination take root in our brain everyday and without our awareness, they are developing and shaping our very own imagination.

Now, based on the question from this book, I wonder how much content in the Bible was written based on imagination? But then even if the Bible was written based on imagination, how much of that imagination was influenced by the authors' real experience with angels and God? In the end, the validity of the Bible remains, for those who chose to believe it, it was based on experience. For those who have no faith in it, the Bible was made up of stories from imagination.

I'm not a Christ believer, but I do believe that we just can't be here on this earth because of a mere chance and a pure accidental big bang out of nowhere. Just why other living things on this planet don't seem to have the kind of imagination we have? Just who gave us the ability to imagine? In spite of my imagination about Jesus being just a human, idolized by his fans to be the son of God, I know I am definitely not an atheist.

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