Thursday, January 7, 2010

This Book Definitely Needs An Update

Am currently reading this book because I want to learn more about improving my blog. So far, I had read the first chapter about "What is a Blog?" I wonder in these days how many people out there don't know what a blog is?? The first chapter is totally useless to me and many of the sites they mentioned (supposed to be hip and popular) are now dsyfunctional, outdated or poorly run due to lack of upkeep. It's been a few years since this book first published, and lots had changed about blogging since then.The following sites now either don't exist anymore or are just like a rundown site that is filled with low quality content. Check out the following graveyard for the once "up-and-coming" sites in the past:

Can anyone tell me if Blogging is dying out now because of other social media like Twitter and Facebook? Will Blogging become a thing of the past?

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