Monday, December 7, 2009

This Book Is So Good, Am Enjoying It With Lots of Tears!!

After reading a silly, no-brainer chick lit, I 'm swtiching gear to reading the above book on real life and real history. I have only read 47 pages and I can't put the book down! It's such a good story and I really think everybody in this world should read it, particularly the young people, who have not much knowlege about what "Nazi" is, and think it's a movie about a cute dog (one of my cousins thinks this way). In addition to reading some cheesy vampires books, we should read this one, cause we need to prevent history from repeating itself. This book is so educational.

At age 15, the author was thinking while escaping alone and his family torn apart by war, " The crimes I had committed were enormous under Nazi law. I had false documents ---- the penalty: death. I left the ghetto without German permission --- the penalty: death. I was travelling on a train ----- death. I didn't wear the Star of David ----- death. And above all, I was a Jew ---- death." I so very much wish I could help these poor Jewish people. Am still reading and am learning so much.

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