Sunday, December 13, 2009

Racism Is Indeed Color Blind

For as long as I've been in America, I've come to learn that "racism" is a big cultural and political issue in this country. It's a big big deal in the media coverage, in political campaigns, in the way businesses are conducted, and also in the way legislation is structured and how the American government should be run. I've always heard about how colored people are discriminated, how colored people are treated unfairly. It seems the war to fight against racism is still going on as strong as ever. As a person of color myself, I never understand why so many people're complaining about how unfairly colored people are being treated. I never felt I was ever treated unfairly just because I'm not white. Whenever I say that, I am told I am not that shade of color so I am not discriminated. Really?? So I am not discriminated because I got the right shade of color? From this book I'm reading now, I have to disagree that color is the basis of racism. I firmly believe that racism is in fact color blind.

This book really opens up my eyes to see that humans have a history of persecuting others who are perceived to be different. I think that it's the perception and prejudice that create racism, not the color. When humans lose compassion and decency, they can do the most evil things to others by just making up any reason to justify their evil acts. Throughout history, people of color aren't the only ones who were discriminated against and persecuted. Millions and millions of people across all cultures and civilizations were at one time slaved, discriminated against and persecuted. While Slavery is the darkest history in America, the Holocaust is the darkest history in the world. It was a time when the world turned mad, when lots of ordinary people became so evil that they would go out of their way to hunt down the Jews for the Nazi, with the unified goal of sending them to death camps. I just want us to remember the darkest days in history, so that we will never lose our decency and compassion ever again.

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