Friday, December 11, 2009

Jazzy Jars

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Book Description: Handmade gifts take a lot more thoughtful preparation than just fashioning the actual gift. After all, packaging, too, indicates a high level of care and special attention lavished on the present--which is the entire focus of Canadian crafter Browning's latest book. First, the basics are introduced, including types of jars to use (old and new) and cleaning tips as well as instructions for different techniques, from painting and decoupage to polymer clay and resin coating. Then, more than 45 one-page patterns, complete with color photographs and directions, follow; most are fairly easy to complete. Of inordinate help, even more so than the jars, are the ideas for filling the packaged jar--like ingredients for a cake, along with the recipe, or a sewing kit sandwiched inside a decorated jar. A good source for those needing inspiration.

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