Saturday, December 19, 2009

In the Name of God

Am still reading this book and learning what exactly happened once the Jews were transported to the death camp in Sorbibor. Am at the part where the author found in the death camp Jewish musicians, dancers and artists, who were trapped and sealed in the same fate like himself. It just broke my heart to see how many people, and most of them self-proclaimed Christians were very involved in the persecution of Jews during the Holocausts. The sad part of the Holocausts was a lot of people who were bright, talented and were making great contributions to the world were killed. It was a loss to the whole mankind in terms of talents and intellectuals, in terms of good genes that were bright, hardworking and non-aggressive. I can't help but wonder what was in those Christian people's mind at that time. When I re-watched this movie - "The Hunchback of Nortre Dame" last night, I was thinking about how many lives were killed under the name of God. I was thinking how many people thought they were all so good and righteous and godly when actually they were only praying for God to forgive their sins and to fulfill their vanity. I wonder how many people actually pray for others, how many actually pray to ask what they can do to help others. I also don't understand why would people follow any religion that promotes persecution of non-believers, that promotes blood shed? Anyway, this song is very meaningful and I hope that everyone of us can live everyday to see clearly what is right and what is wrong. I hope we will stop using God's name to right all the wrongs that we do. I just want anyone to open their eyes and see that, only the God who promotes compassion, peace, tolerance and generosity is the one true God that we should believe.

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