Sunday, November 16, 2014

Book Review: Diary of a Mad Diva

book review Joan Rivers

This diary started with Joan's 2013 New Year vacation in Mexico and  ended on December 2013, with Joan watching the ball drop in NYC on the TV in her hotel room in Mexico. On Joan's last entry in her diary, she talked about how she would like to host New York's ball dropping event and new year countdown to 2015.  It's hard to believe that 2014 was her last new year countdown.  She was so funny throughout her book and she was always so full of life and energy.  While she made fun of  her  death  many times in her diary, I don't think she actually anticipated that she would not live to see 2015.  After reading the entire book and having a lot of good laugh, I'm now feeling a little sad for the loss of a really funny and entertaining comedian.  There was no one who cracked jokes like Joan Rivers and there won't be anyone like her.  She isn't afraid of offending anyone and therefore her jokes are so funny and are of no limit.  I find this book very hilarious and I truly enjoy her humor.  But for those who are politically correct and are sensitive, or those who are always serious about every topics,  this isn't a book for you.  This is a book about jokes and this is a book that makes fun of everything and everybody. So read it as is with a sense of humor and crack yourself up from the first diary entry to the last.