Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Writer's Way - Realize Your Creative Potential And Become A Successful Author

This book is supposed to teach people how to become a successful author. Ironically, the books written by this author are never well received by the readers. This book is all about theories on how to write well. It's however written with poor editing and typos. There are a lot of tedious writing exercises that I personally think are a waste of time. May be a lot of the inspired writers will find these exercises and theories helpful. I just don't see the purpose of spending time doing them. If I want to be a successful author, I will just write what I want to publish and then I will send the manuscript myself or through an agent and try my luck. Instead of spending time engaging in silly writing exercises, I rather write the actual work that I want to publish. Focusing too much on the theories of good creative writing actually may cage the writer into writing boring books that lack creativity. This book is another example that shows, having a Master Degree or PHD in Literature doesn't make one a successful writer. A lot of the boring books I read were actually written by teachers or professors who teach English Literature or Writing. Just remember that most of the best selling authors out there don't have a PHD. There is undoubtedly a thing or two about writing that I learnt. But other than that, this book is totally uninspiring to me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't Mess With Taxes

"Being reflexively and absolutely anti-Bush has made many otherwise sophisticated minds (particularly along the nation's coasts) as dogmatic and simplistic as, well, George Bush."

--Portfolio Magazine April 2008 (I bought this magazine then and I'm only starting to read it now... )

I am not a fan of Bush and I don't agree with his war in Iraq. But I absolutely agree with the above.

I'm not rich, and I'm not even remotely close to being rich. I can't afford to buy my own home even at this so-called depressed housing market. But I do hope that there will be an extension on Bush's tax cut on capital gain and dividend income. People like me are 100% invested in the 401 K, which is mostly invested in stocks. Extending Bush's tax cut on capital gain and dividend income is not just good for the wealthy people, but it's also good for people like me who has nothing but a small 401K invested in stocks. I can't afford to have the government take away more from the already little dividend income I am having. Since I don't own a home, I am counting on cashing my stocks for my future down payment. Any capital gain that my stocks generate will significantly shrink if only Bush's tax cut is not extended......

Instead of debating a "tax cut for all or a tax cut no more", I think they should extend this tax cut for people whose annual gross income is under a certain ceiling. That way, the wealthy people cannot benefit from Bush's tax cut, while the struggling working class like myself are able to have a lower tax on our dividend income and capital gain. Why can't the Congress do that ?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Martha Stewart Living October 1997

I found this magazine in one of my moving boxes, I forgot when I bought it. I bought it used a few years ago from some yard sale.... I had never opened this magazine until now. This is the first Martha Stewart Magazine I read... I haven't watched any of her shows either. In 1997, I was still a student in Hong Kong, never heard of Martha. It's amazing how the world was different back then. The fashion, the technology, the cars, the make-ups and even the medicines were so different back then. It's a pretty intriguing look back at America, (even to look at the advertisements) I really am enjoying this magazine. Martha Stewart also looked a lot younger back then:) Anyway, the following contents are what I love from the magazine, the rest are just advertisements, or contents I don't care about.

Page 62: Candy Wreath

Afternoon Tea Parties

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Book Review: Selling in Tough Times

This compact little book turns out to be very educational. It concisely pinpoints how sales can be conducted successfully in a tough economic environment. It's a no non-sense crash course for any novice in the sales field. It's also a super quick sales guide for professionals or small business owners who are interested in learning how to sell their products and services in a down economy.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Book Review: Glad Tidings

This is an entertaining book if you want to escape into a world where life is simple and straight forward. This book has two romanctic stories that help us detox our mind from the moral corruption of everyday reality, to venture into a world of old-fashioned romance that advocates innocent love, decency and values of marriage and family.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Winner of Debbie Macomber Romance Novel Giveaway

Winner of this book is: CarolNWong

To continue my clutter clearing campaign to get rid of my thousands plus books that are literally taking over my home, I'm giving away this book to one of my blog's followers. On September 12, 2010, a winner will be randomly picked and will be announced here on this blog. To have a chance to win this book, please do the following:
  1. Be a follower of my blog.
  2. Have a U.S. mailing address
  3. Post a comment on this post to express your desire to participate in this giveaway
Hopefully, I will get rid of all my books pretty soon. I do have separation anxiety with all my books (this is only the 9th book I'm giving away.... at least I'm making a tiny progress....), but I've got to start parting with them, or I won't even have room to sleep in... So follow my blog to be informed of my latest book giveaway.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Book Review: Finishing Touches

I picked up this book brand new for $1 during Border's book sale. I was drawn to the modern chic design of the cover. I bought it without even reading the book title. That was 2 years ago when I was single. Two weeks ago when I was packing and moving to another apartment with my new husband, I found this somewhere in one of my cabinets, I then picked it up and started reading it while waiting for my movers to pack and move me, and then more waiting for my husband's movers to pack and move him. During all the waiting and standing by, I finished reading this entire novel in a weekend. This book is actually a pleasant surprise to me. I had very low expectation of it. It was just handy, it was just right there, it was just for me to kill time while waiting endlessly... But this turned out to be a great novel to read. It's not the predictable chick's lit / romance fiction with very predictable plot and very predictable ending. It's not one of those novels that are written under a formula. This novel is very different from others that I read. It's funny, witty, inspiring, uplifting, entertaining, tragic, and so very Los Angeles. I myself am very satisfied with the story's ending. In my opinion, it's a great ending that resolved all the issues and problems that the heroine had. It's an inspiring and uplifting ending. I like the fact that the story is very realistic and it shoves great lights on the modern day dynamics of friendship, relationships, careers and well, the modern day baggage that young people in America are carrying. The book has very funny dialogues that I found are just hilarious. It's really an interesting novel that is worth my time reading.