Monday, October 27, 2014

Book Review: The Wreath Recipe Book

This book is not just about making beautiful wreaths.  This book presents lots of how-to instructions of various floral decorations and arrangements for every season.  Each project is presented like the format of  a cookbook recipe, which is more action friendly for readers to work through.  The book is full of beautiful and inspiring photos.  The style of the arrangements is contemporary minimalist, which focuses on using simple techniques and simple materials with minimal handling.  Most of the plants and floral used in the book are easily available and they require minimal trimming.  The book is full of inspiring ideas on how to make the fullest and best use of the floral materials in season that would otherwise have gone into the waste basket, if the traditional elaborate arrangement techniques were used. The inspiring simple designs of the projects show how floral and plants can become absolutely stunning decorations when we focus on showcasing their most natural forms instead of relying on over elaborating and complicated techniques.