Saturday, January 18, 2014

Books Behind The Fashion Ledgend

At the first glance it's not the woman, who happened to be the legendary Coco Chanel who caught my eye.  What mesmerized me was the impressive collection of books that is the backdrop of this photo. Somehow the books give the photo a lot more depth and a majestic aura around the fashion icon.  I really love the photo a lot. What books can do in this photo is something that our e-book can never do.  I still haven't been able to read a book on any of my Kindle Fire from start to finish.  I however had watched a lot of movies and TV dramas on it:)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Book Review: Your Money Or Your Life

If you are expecting to read a book that provides advice on investment or money management, this isn't the book you should read.  But if you are looking for some good laughs, and some entertaining life lessons that you didn't get enough from your parents, then this is quite a fun book to read.

This book is a collection of some of the commentaries that Neil Cavuto gave on his TV Shows on Fox News Channel throughout the years.  Some of the commentaries provided accurate predictions about how the Federal government would run into financial trouble because they were spending based on optimistic estimates when the cashiers were ringing in surplus.  I have to admire Neil's foresight during those prosperous years when Clinton was in office.  I had not watched him back then but I assume he probably was one of the few who was singing the sour tone during those surplus years?

While I am impressed with his perspectives about the Federal Reserve, the government spending and some of his values on morals and patriotism, I disagree with him completely on the war on Iraq and his unfair rants on doctors, among other things.  Regardless of my disagreements with the book and the author, I overall find the book fun to read.  My goal in reading a book is not to have someone agree with me, but to see what others are thinking, particularly those who are supposedly educated and smart.  Reading this book makes me realize how serious mis-information can be.   If the smart and educated ones like Neil can't understand the logic behind his wait time at the doctors' office, then how do we expect the mass of voters who are less educated to have sufficient understanding on whom to vote for as their President?? This revelation is quite scary and makes me feel pessimistic about my future.

To the author:

By the way, Neil, I just want to tell you that, the reason you have to wait so long in your doctor's office was because the patients ahead of you either arrived late or over ran their 15 minutes' appointments with a long list of complaints, questions and special requests on diagnostic tests, prescriptions, or other demands like filling out state disability applications, insurance forms and other nonsense paper work which the insurance companies don't pay the doctors to do but they have to do!!!!  Each patient appointment has to be done in 15 minutes in order for the doctors to make a living.  Unlike you, the doctors have to share lots of overhead expenses and they are all ripped off by the insurance companies, the government and also the patients who try to get so much done with $10 dollar co-pay cheap insurance plan which pays the doctor $20 to $50 per appointment!!  The doctors' office scheduling system has to schedule 15 minutes appointments throughout the day, any patients arriving late and over running the appointment duration will push the patients behind them to later of the day. Also, all those phone calls to the doctors, insurance companies and medicare don't pay for them either! So any patients calling the doctors and asking questions on the phones, push your appointment back also.  Get it????  What I'm surprised is, for people who make so much money like yourself, you can easily afford to pay extra to go to a Concierge Doctor who charges more, but schedules less patients in a day, and who is more flexible in giving special appointment at the time specified by the patients.  I use Concierge Doctor even I don't make 6 figures salary like you.  It's because I think Doctor is well worth my money and I don't see why a doctor should work for free to see me.  I never had to wait to see my doctor.  I sometimes even go see a Doctor after work or even on weekends!!!!  You want service, you have to pay more.  Fox isn't going to let us watch your show for free, why are you expecting the doctors to work cheap?  I think Doctors are more valuable than you.  I will turn off the TV before I complain about how much I have to pay to see my doctor!!!!  Don't compare your work schedule with the doctors' who have no control over their time at all and they don't just sit in front of a camera and look pretty for a couple hours and make 6 figures.  Doctors have to work many hours and often have to work at home on stupid paper works that they didn't get paid for.  If you compare the pay by the actual hours they work, many of the doctors don't make much per hour, may be even less than a hair stylist. Yet the stress and legal risks are so much more, even more than your job, Mr. Cavuto!!

Why do people never complain about the price of a hair cut but their doctor's $10 appointment??  What's wrong with this country??? Stop whining about how much the doctors make, they make peanuts compare to guys like you and the executives in the so-called healthcare administration and insurance companies who don't do anything for my healthcare but add the overheads and therefore my insurance premium.  The patients like myself are ultimate victims and the doctors also suffer.  So get your enemies straight, Neil!! Go whine about all parasites who are eating the "Healthcare" pie,  not your doctors, who are just the hosts and their blood is being sucked too,  just like mine, get it????

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

To start a rewarding New Year, we are extending our book giveaway to another month. Please feel free to claim your free fun read!!!