Monday, June 24, 2013

Book Review: Love the One You're With

It took me over 2 years and many trips to the bathroom and hair salon to finally finish the book. I bought this book because of the great reviews. This wasn't cheap at brand new hardcover price!! So I forced myself to read it. This is an extremely lame story. I am surprised such childish and unpolished writing, and the lack of creativity can produce a bestseller. What has become of this world? Anyway, the story is not entertaining, not romantic, not surprising. New York City and Atlanta are both very different and interesting cities and yet I experienced nothing fun or interesting from reading this book. The characters are the most boring people I had read!!!

After the heroine accidentally bumped into her ex-boyfriend, it took almost the entire book for her to wonder and to think about what she should do next....  I would expect something exciting would have happened during the long course of time, something shocking, something heart throbbing that would make me marvel at the end when she rescued herself from making the worst possible mistake in her life.  But there was none of that, it was more boring than real life.  I feel like the book was trying to stretch the story and the pages because ideas were running out.  In fact, a lot of tear jerking moments and heart pounding surprises could have happened after one bumped into her ex-bf.  Too bad the author wasn't creative enough.  When the book went on and on, it seemed the author realized she had taken up too many pages and had to come to a conclusion and forced the heroine to make a decisive conclusion between her husband and her ex... What caused the heroine to make the final decision she made was so lame and lack of depth.  This is one of the most annoying books I had read. 

I didn't spend money on buying a romance novel so I could read a realistically boring story. I wanted romances, entertainment and escape into a different world that I don't live in... I got none of these for the money I spent.