Monday, October 14, 2013

Book Review: Stepping on Roses, Vol. 2

In this book 2 of the "rag to riches" romance, the story follows the heroine, Sumi's new life as the new bride of the heir of a prominent and wealthy Japanese family, Soichiro. Sometimes a picture speaks better than a thousand words.  The fancy illustrations of the book are amazing and they perfectly illustrate the emotional dilemma that Sumi was facing in the middle of a love triangle.  This volume gives the readers a glimpse of the secrets of Sumi's new husband, Soichiro and his ambition.  The dialogue continues to be funny and entertaining.  This book is another hour of light and fun reading that somehow is able to stress on the importance of one's duty and integrity over selfish romantic love.  The story ends with a question on what secrets is Soichiro really hiding and what is he really plotting, which I'm determined to find out in the next volume. This book has engaging illustrations, a little suspense and really fun and quirky characters.  It's a good one hour break in between serious readings.  The book cover is just gorgeous.

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