Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prediction of The Future....

I'm going to subscribe to Forbes Magazine because I just went to clean up my dead uncle's home and I was flipping through his piles of Forbes magazines and found out that the magazine may be able to predict the future. I read an article published in May 2002, which reported the troubles with AT&T Wireless Services Inc. (It was a spin off of the original AT&T, and was trading on the New York Stock Exchange as AWE at the time.) The article predicted that the company was not going to survive for long and would soon end up being acquired because it was overloaded with debt and was lacking behind in service capacity and wireless infrastructure. Sure enough, the company was acquired by Cingular Wireless in October 2004, more than 2 years after the article was published. Cingular Wireless' parent Company Bell South then acquired the original AT&T and formed the current new AT&T in 2005..... I found the article quite interesting and as a retrospect, quite accurate in its prediction and analysis (even though the Executive Vice President Adele Ambrose wrote the magazine in the June 2002 issue to try to discredit the article...)

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