Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Just Bought This Book For My Upcoming San Diego Vacation

I just bought this book from for a total price of $9.25 (that includes sales tax and shipping). Compared to $10.45 at, I save $1.2 for this book. As a Borders club member, shipping is free for me even I only bought one single book. However, in, shipping is only free for purchase of $25 or more. I used the 33% off discount coupon for this book I posted here yesterday also to get this $9.25 bargain total price (they sent out these coupons regular to both paid and no-paid club members). In additional, this $9.25 purchase also earned me borders bucks that I can use on future book purchase.

I really don't want Borders to completely go out of business, cause if they do, where will I be getting bargain books like this anymore?


Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

Went to Borders in December to buy my mother a dvd she loved. They had a higher price than on the stores web site by about $10, they wouldn't match the price online so I went home and got it on amazon. That store was one of the first to go. Pretty sure that's why they went out of business. Bad business practices. I'd recommend the book depository for single book purchases. Thats who I'm going to now ok and amazon for the $30 in books I got yesterday.

China said...

There is no absolute best place to shop for bargain books. Every place is different, no one single bookstore or website has the lowest price on every single item. But generally, if I get a 33% to 50% discount coupon from Borders, I will definitely buy my books or DVD from Borders, cause as a member, I also accumulate Borders cash rewards for every purchase I make, like this travel guide, even Amazon can't beat this total I spent on Borders. I'm extremely happy with Borders, I always got the cheapest books from Boders, not Amazon, may be because I'm a Borders club member. I love my membership and the benefits that come with it. I only shop at Amazon if I can't get single book from Borders that is cheaper and if I plan on buying $25 or more of books (to qualify for free shipping). For single book purchase, I really love to go to Borders with my 33% to 50% off coupons they email me frequently. If you used a 33% off coupon back then when you bought your mother's DVD, you would have got it the lowest price at Borders. I guess you didn't use any coupon... The key with Borders is to join the free membership program to qualify for their discount coupons.

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