Sunday, September 19, 2010

Book Review: Selling in Tough Times

This compact little book turns out to be very educational. It concisely pinpoints how sales can be conducted successfully in a tough economic environment. It's a no non-sense crash course for any novice in the sales field. It's also a super quick sales guide for professionals or small business owners who are interested in learning how to sell their products and services in a down economy.


Nina said...

This is so not my type of book. I don't like reading about sales/numbers anything to do with economics. But somethimes it is necessary! But it does makes a great book for lots of people who are studying sales. ;)

Editor said...

Nina, thank you for commenting. I read all kinds of books because I love to learn. I read this also because I'm planning on starting my own secretarial / business management service company. I would like to learn how to sell my service.

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