Sunday, September 26, 2010

Martha Stewart Living October 1997

I found this magazine in one of my moving boxes, I forgot when I bought it. I bought it used a few years ago from some yard sale.... I had never opened this magazine until now. This is the first Martha Stewart Magazine I read... I haven't watched any of her shows either. In 1997, I was still a student in Hong Kong, never heard of Martha. It's amazing how the world was different back then. The fashion, the technology, the cars, the make-ups and even the medicines were so different back then. It's a pretty intriguing look back at America, (even to look at the advertisements) I really am enjoying this magazine. Martha Stewart also looked a lot younger back then:) Anyway, the following contents are what I love from the magazine, the rest are just advertisements, or contents I don't care about.

Page 62: Candy Wreath

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