Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Writer's Way - Realize Your Creative Potential And Become A Successful Author

This book is supposed to teach people how to become a successful author. Ironically, the books written by this author are never well received by the readers. This book is all about theories on how to write well. It's however written with poor editing and typos. There are a lot of tedious writing exercises that I personally think are a waste of time. May be a lot of the inspired writers will find these exercises and theories helpful. I just don't see the purpose of spending time doing them. If I want to be a successful author, I will just write what I want to publish and then I will send the manuscript myself or through an agent and try my luck. Instead of spending time engaging in silly writing exercises, I rather write the actual work that I want to publish. Focusing too much on the theories of good creative writing actually may cage the writer into writing boring books that lack creativity. This book is another example that shows, having a Master Degree or PHD in Literature doesn't make one a successful writer. A lot of the boring books I read were actually written by teachers or professors who teach English Literature or Writing. Just remember that most of the best selling authors out there don't have a PHD. There is undoubtedly a thing or two about writing that I learnt. But other than that, this book is totally uninspiring to me.

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