Friday, January 23, 2009

Outliers: The Story of Success - That Will Not Help You Get Ahead

I picked up this book because it's not that thick and it has so many good reviews. However, the book taught me a lesson that the thickness of the book has nothing to do with the ease and the speed of reading, and that "popularity" has nothing to do with "good content".... The book was so boring and was so tedious in all those "outliner" stories that it made me fall asleep constantly. I knew it was going to be a lousy book after I read the introduction, cause it was so boring and tedious and the introduction sounded pretty irrelevant to "success" which is the topic of the book....The author was forcing a link of relevancy by saying at the end of the introduction.... "The value of the world you inhabit and the people you surround yourself with make you the person you are...." something like that.... So all of a sudden, I got this after I read all the boring mumbles about the health issue in a small town up in Pennsylvania, and then the book began its first chapter about "success", only it didn't get any better, cause I found myself reading another boring mumbling chapter about some Canadian Hocky Team and its scoring history and the long tedious tables of birthdays and names and hit/miss (whatever the game calls it) records of the teammates....Again, what was the point of this book? Teaching me how to appreciate Hocky? Chapter after chapter, there are more boring long stores that the author forcibly made them connect to the book's topic on "how people become successful". I totally felt like a loser just by buying this book and even felt more like a loser by reading it. I should have tossed it away and not cared so much about the money I paid for it. "Money can't buy time". My dad told me over and over when I was a kid, and obviously, I hadn't learnt. So forget about the book, some of the things we need to become successful are, "not to follow the crowd", "value our time" , "be able to cut our losses before more loss or damage is incurred" , "always learn our lessons and remember them". Guess this book did teach me something afterall....

Feel like this book is a ripped off... It can be summarized into the following: Combinations of factors that contribute to success are complicated and diversed... can be luck, can be your family, can be your school, can be just your birth place or your birthdays... etc etc.... (so does that mean the author himself doesn't quite know what the exact formula to becoming successful is? So he wrote a book just to explain why he doesn't know and nobody can possibly know the exact factors that make people successful??? Cause they can be uncontrollable, or predetermined... or whatever...), but according to the author, you can still make it thru hardwork and perseverance.... Doesn't this sound familiar? So all the tedious mumble jumble outliner stories that torture me many evenings all boiled down to this. Now if you want to be successful, don't be like me, stay away from this book, go watch a movie, try out a new restaurant, arrange a date with your spouse or someone you like.... go to a concert... but never stay home and read this book like I did.

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