Thursday, January 15, 2009

Book Review: Adored

I bought this book on impulse when I was at the check-out counter in the grocery store. The cover of the book made me think that it could be some interesting romance novel. But to my disappointment, this is the worst romance novel I had read in my life. The explicit sex scenes were so grotesque that it made me want to be a nun. There is no romantic substance in the book, no good story, it's a whole lot of random, rough, unromantic sex, for no good reason. I would rather read a story about a prostitute cause at least it will be more logical and the prostitute won't trash the value of a woman like the main character in this novel did. The main character Siena (supposedly from a very rich family) was living like a prostitute, only for free and the sad part was she didn't need to prostitute herself .... The kind of sex she engaged in, just grossed out the average women, like myself. I don' t know who the author wanted to target by writing a trash like this. All women characters in the book were all subsmissive and were all trashed, suppressed, by the men, emotionally or sexually. There were also a lot of foul language and the book is way too long and boring.

I don't know how to classify this novel, it's not a romance novel cause nothing there is romantic. It's not an erotica cause there is nothing erotic but the opposite, the sex in the book was totally gross and not erotic to the average women. It's not a chick's fict cause the story devalues women, has nothing to make any woman feel good or inspired; on the other hand, its whole point is that women are worthless sex toys for the gratificatioin of men and that after she became a really worn out underwear, she got to find some ignorant and stupid man who will be willing to pick up that dirty underwear and wears it as his favorite brand new buy.... what a story..... I don't think this author will be too successful in the future if this is how she writes... Anyway...

Oh, no matter how bad this book is to me, may be it isn't as bad to others... Or if you are curious about how bad this book is, I would like to exchange this book with you. Please email me. Also, please rate this book below and drop a comment if you also read this book. (the star rating is evaluating whether you like the book itself, not my comment or reviews. If you hate my comment, just leave a comment and say so, but don't use the star rating. Thanks for your cooperation....) Any good comment (positive or negative about the book, except for comments about my review) will be given a free gift if we decide to publish look forward to hearing from you!!!

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