Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Club Discussion 4: Question 1

This novel explores a complicated and strained relationship between two sisters. Do you think Meredith is justified in being so angry with Nina? In what ways are the sisters different and in what ways are they alike?

My answer: I don't think Meredith is justified in being so angry with Nina because I personally don't think there is any justification for being angry with one's own family. After all, she only has one sister. Her sister hasn't really done anything bad, she is just more career focused and she is just trying to let Meredith run the show. I think if Meredith thinks it is too much work for her to care for her elderly parents or if she really doesn't feel happy with the burden that comes with it, she should communicate with her sister openly and honestly, and see if there is anything Nina can do to help.

Meredith and Nina are different in a lot of ways, from their preference in their life style to their temperament and their perspectives about life and relationship. They are alike in their desire for their mother's love and their closeness to their father. Click here to read my book review.

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