Thursday, December 30, 2010

Book Review: True Betrayals - Nora Roberts

I feel as if I just had a memorable vacation somewhere in a horse farm in Virginia. I was very taken by the exciting world of thoroughbred racing, which this story was based on. There is no doubt that horse racing in real is a thrilling spectator sport / game. But Nora Roberts added more thrills to it with heart wrenching rivalries, ugly family secrets, steamy romance, and chilling suspense. This book is not the typical shallow cheesy romance with the limited world view of a teenager. This is a book that helps readers become more worldly. I had learnt so much about the inner workings of a horse farm and horse racing that I would not have known if not for this book. To me, it's eye opening and mentally stimulating to read all that technical details of thoroughbred breeding and racing in such an entertaining and fascinating way. This is a story about a young woman's breaking out of the mold to become who she really should be. It's a story about someone who lost a whole lot and ended up winning more. It's about one betrayal after another and the risks to uncover them all. This book is a page turner for me. I feel my time is well spent reading this book. (I recommend you not to read reviews on Amazon before you read this book yourself, because a lot of the reviews are true spoilers, they are like retelling the story in a short form. I don't know why people have to write reviews like that, as if they don't have feelings or opinion about what they read, but just copy synopsis from the back cover and worse, add the ending from the book....)

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