Saturday, January 9, 2016

Book Review: Dearie

This is a remarkably detailed biography on the life of Juila Child.  I had learnt an awful lot about the long and legendary life of Julia Child from this book.  Julia Child didn't take an interest in cooking until after she got married in her 30s.  It's really inspiring for all of us to learn from the life of Julia Child that, sometimes it's okay to not know what we really want, and it's okay to take a little detour to discover who we really are.  Many of us know very well what Juila Child was famous for, yet many of us know very little about the war that Julia Child served, and her thrilling plane ride above  the sky of Chongqing in war torn China back in the 40s.  How many of us know that before Julia Child took an interest in French cooking, it was Chinese food in Chongqing that woke up Julia's Child's palate? Do many people know that Julia Child and Paul had a serious car accident the day before their wedding, on her way to her rehearsal dinner? She was ejected out of the car.  What a survivor!!!  Having a broken arm and numerous stitches on her forehead didn't make her cancel her rehearsal dinner and wedding plan!   It may look to the world that Julia Child had her success very easy.  But little do people know that it took her many years of hard work and dedication to evolve to the celebrity TV cook she had become.  Then what life doesn't have tragedy, heart break, crisis and trauma?  This book has lots of remarkable details on the ups and downs of Julia Child's life, and the book takes the readers to experience a lot of emotions, happiness, pains and sadness behind that cheerful face of America's TV icon.  Julia Child is no doubt a very strong woman, and a fighter, and this book tells it all.  This book is a great read and it tells me not only the detailed biography of Julia Child, but it gives me a very valuable history lesson, regarding the bygone eras which Julia Child grew up and rose up to become America's icon. 

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