Friday, April 3, 2015

Book Review: Make Your Life Prime Time

Book review Make Your Life Prime Time Maria Celeste Arraras
Life is short and time is precious.  This is one of those books that are worth spending our precious time reading.  Through her recollection of her life journey, the author shared with us all the valuable lessons she had learnt.  It's always good to have a mentor who had experienced it and who had made it to help us navigate our scary journey called life.  But not everyone is lucky to have a mentor.  I myself never had the fortune to meet anyone who can mentor me on my education or on my career.  My life would have been much better now if I had such a mentor.  I just wish I had been given this book years ago.  But it's not too late for me yet and I think this book certainly helps what I am dealing with now and what I will be dealing with in the future.  Most of those lessons are very relatable to women, particularly young women. It's easy to read and it's easy to understand.  The author had told her stories with her infectious conviction. Reading this book  is like having a mentor cheering you on. I highly recommend this book as a graduation gift for this coming May.  All mothers will do themselves a great favor by reading this book together with their daughters.  After all, a mother can only make her life prime time by helping her daughter make hers a prime time. 

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