Sunday, June 8, 2014

Book Review: Your Best Life Now

Whether we are religious or not, this book wastes no time in setting our mentality straight from Chapter one. Whether there is a God to bless our life,  it helps if we make ourselves vision the best of our life and future. After all, what good does it do us when we keep telling ourselves, "We can't do this, we can't have this or that..." Since it really takes the same energy and oxygen for us to vision the positive and the negative, why not vision the positive?  For those who have faith in God's blessing, they have all the reasons to not worry but to vision a great prospect, but for those who don't believe in God, they particularly have to see clearly the positive and should even try harder to see the positive because when a hunter can't see, he can never hunt the boar down.  May be for the God blessed hunter, he can close his eyes and a boar will run into the tree next to him and drop dead.  But for a hunter who isn't blessed, he has more reasons to keep his eyes open, to vision and see even more carefully.  This is a great book to set us off to a more positive mentality right from the beginning of reading.

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