Sunday, September 16, 2012

Book Review: Blue Dahlia - Nora Roberts

This story is a picture perfect romance. Nora Roberts had created a beautiful garden of love where romance and friendship bloom in the midst of exotic flowers. Although I prefer the author's earlier works where the characters were always involved in complex and suspenseful plots and dynamic mysteries, I still find this book's typical and old fashioned romance satisfying.  I'm just a little surprised that Nora Roberts somehow reverted back to the more simple and lovie-dovie stories that are often written by other authors like Debbie Macomber.  I would not know this book was written by Nora Roberts if not for the book cover.  This book is not my most favorite Nora Roberts' novel, but it's still an entertaining book for some restful reading.  The story is sweet, if one doesn't mind it to be lacking a little challenge for the characters.

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MarthaE said...

Just stopping in to say Hi.
I enjoyed the trilogy with this book. They were lighter reads but pleasant.

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