Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Review: The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet

Don't let the cover of this book fool you. This is one lousy book that piggy-backed on our beloved "Pride and Prejudice". The characters in this book are totally unlikable. They all spoke in a strange way, as if they were some lower class people in England pretending to be wealthy upper class. Mary Bennet didn't have a big role in "Pride and Prejudice" but she didn't have a major part in this book either. This book talked mostly about everything else but Mary's independence because she was locked up during most of the book. This book is very hard for me to read because it has a very bad plot that seems to be too wacky for that period of England. This book is literally an insult to Jane Austen. Have you recently been scammed by a book's appealing cover and ended up getting a bad book with a bad story? If so, please email to tell us what book it is, and get a chance to win a free spicy chicken sandwich from Jack in the Box. You have to be our blog's follower to participate in this giveaway. We will announce the winner on July 31, 2011 on this blog.


Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

This one was awful. Truly horrible. The author said she wrote it to "tweak the noses of the literati". I think she succeeded. She obviously has no affection for the original story or characters. Mr. Darcy would have never done what she had him do.

And scammed by a book? Twilight. So much potential, such a poorly written book.

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China said...

Holly, so Twilight is a bad book too? What don't you like about it? I haven't read this book yet:P. I watched the movie of the first book and thought it was so-so so. I don't think I will watch another Twilight movie or read the book.

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