Sunday, October 24, 2010

Antibiotics: The Perfect Storm

Lately, I have been seeing the news talking a lot about NDM-1, a dangerous genetic mutation that makes bacteria immune to even the younger, last-resort antibiotics. All of our hospitals are predicted to be soon colonized by the very destructive mutated bacteria. Is this going to be another crisis worse than the 2008 economic crisis that is brewing? Have the politicians and government once again failed us by being too busy in advancing their very own agendas instead of watching out for us?

According to this book, the antibiotics marketplace is no longer attractive for large pharmaceutical companies, the costs of development are skyrocketing because of ever more stringent requirements by the regulatory agencies, and finding new antibiotics active against resistant strains is getting harder and harder. These forces are all combining to deny us these miracle drugs when we need them the most. But there are a number of possible paths in which our government and politicians can take to protect us from the crisis. Just cross our fingers and pray that they don't wait till it's too late to act....

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