Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TV Show I Loved When I Was Living In Hong Kong

Growing up in Hong Kong, I used to love watching this show with my whole family and we would discuss it together... Those were good times with my parents and my siblings. I feel very nostalgic watching this on You Tube again.... This show taught me a lot and kept our family really close. I would like to share this with you guys. This show is called "Chinese Stories Overseas". The Chinese characters of the show literally translate into "In Search of The Chinese Stories Overseas". I will post the English translation of the Chinese captions line by line. The video below is part of one of the episodes about Chinese people living in India. This part includes the "promotional trailer". Scroll down below the video clip to read....

A familiar voice.
A familiar music Score.
A show title that was calligraphed by a ledgendary Chinese novelist.
A documentary that resonnates with all Hong Kong people and Chinese all over the world.
This is the original documentary series produced by Asia TV in Hong Kong.
"In Search of Chinese Stories Overseas"
In 1998, with great enthusiasum,
we hoped to systematically,
record all the hardworking histories of the Chinese people,
that are lost and scattered all over the world.
Based on this belief,
we produced "In Search of Chinese Stories Overseas".
This documentary series created a whole new milestone in the history of Hong Kong television.
For 10 years since 1998,
we produced 7 series.
Our production team had left behind footprints on the 5 oceans and 7 continents.
They had visited over 60 countries in the world, and interviewed over 300 Chinese who were living overseas for various reasons, searching for a livelihood, a dream.
These series are a collection of the lengendary stories of the Chinese people who live in foreign land.
These stories are emotional, touching and thought provoking.

---English Translation To Be Continued Tomorrow, please come back and check"

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christa @ mental foodie said...

I had already left HK when this series was out I think... but I watched a few on tapes (what are tapes? :) I agree, very touching stories.

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