Sunday, June 27, 2010

Book Review: The Lincoln Lawyer

As someone who had never watched (not interested in watching) any legal dramas like "Law & Order", I find this book very entertaining. This novel is about a defense lawyer who rides around town and conducts a lot of his business in his Lincoln car. I found the concept rather smart because I can see the character and his car are going to be developed into a franchise just like "Batman" and his bat mobile.

This book had taught me a lot about the judicial system in the United States. It provides in detail the intricate workings of America's legal system in dealing with criminals. As a new immigrant and someone who is not familiar with the justice system in this country, this book totally opened my eyes. (or should I not believe in anything this book says about the court system and the criminal defense proceedings?). After reading this book, I finally understand how OJ Simpson was able to walk free. ( we were following the news in Hong Kong and we were shocked he was found not guilty, we told each other, "this only happens in America").

Besides the interesting defense strategies, this book has all the twists that surprised me to the very end. Just when I thought the suspense was over, the next climax has yet to come. There were twists within the twists. I enjoyed reading the book because it was twisty.

By the way, this book is now being made into a movie, with Matthew McConaughey casted as "The Lincoln Lawyer". I really think he should be casted as the client of the Lincoln Lawyer though. I think Richard Gere should be the lawyer. When I was reading the book, I was visioning Richard Gere riding the Lincoln, plotting and strategizing. May be because he played the lawyer role so well in the moive "Chicago". Matthew McConaughey on the other hand looks so much like that other major character in this book, the client. You should read the book and you will see why I think Matthew McConaughey should be the client.

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