Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Book Club Discussion 1: Question #4

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For Harrison, Nora is the epitome of the perfect woman. Hazel represents the same for Innes. Yet their respective encounters are relatively brief. What is it about these two women that the men find so compelling? Do you think the two men really know the objects of their desire?

My answer:

Both Nora and Hazel seemed to possess an attractive, slim and elegant physicque with quiet, subtle and intelligent demeanors. I think these were the qualities that both men found themselves attracted to. The fact that both Nora and Hazel seemed to be somewhat mysterious, and quietly defiant in terms of love seemed to intrique the two men a lot. I don't think the men in the story really knew the objects of their desire. They were just drawn to the women because of thier physical appearance and their being unavilable to them. For some reason, pepole always desire something that is beyond their reach.

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