Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blogging For Business: Everything You Need To Know and Why You Should Care

May be this book was a good book when it was first published, even then, I doubt it... As of today, this is a really worthless book to me. I recently started blogging as a serious hobby and I was hoping I could learn a few things from this book to improve my blog. I read the entire book and I had found nothing that is useful to me, nothing at all.

I'm not a techie and I'm no experienced blogger and if I can't find information from this book that is relevant or helpful to my blogging endeavor, then this book is pretty lame.

Most of the book talks about what a blog is, what types of blog there are (product blog, CEO blog, employee blog, company blog etc, etc...). I just wonder who really needs to read these to find out a product blog is about the products, an employee blog is about the employee's daily mumbles and chitchat about his work, and a personal blog is of course about your personal tidbits and just anything about you....

The book also talks about editing, reviewing and approval of blog post and comments (which everybody knows what editing and reviewing are all about, we are doing this with everything we write and put out there, even our email, before we send it out!)... More verbal garbage like this is found to just make a point to say your blog's design is really up to you but it's best for the design to reflect your company's brand or your product or whatever you are blogging about... In the end, no one can find out from this book exactly how to design a blog or at least where we can get the tools or help we need to create the designs that we need.

Most of the blog directories or search engines mentioned in the book (may be they were once the coolest sites) are as of now, on the verge of being eliminated by either competition or the evolution of blog technology.

I don't really know who are supposed to be this book's target readers...For individual bloggers who blog for hobby or for whatever ambition, this book is totally not going to help. Most of the book is just quotes of blog posts from big companies like Apple Computers or GE... If not, it talks about the "about" pages of various stale blog search engines or diretories. For individuals looking for resources to improve the look of a blog, or to improve content or traffic, you won't find anything that is relevant or useful. Some of the great strategies of promoting a blog, according to the book, are paid advertisement or listing the blog on your website, on your company brochures, or promoting it in your trade show in your booth.... Like it's anything innovative for companies? If this book is for executives or people who work in big companies, then this book can't offer anything remotely as knowledgeable as their own IT or internet marketing personnel can offer. But for entrepreneurs or hobbists like myself who have nothing and know nothing to begin with, this book provides no specific instructions on helping us do anything. This book is just text that fills up pages but has no substance of how to get things done.

In my opinion, this book is too general, too vague, too lacking in terms of brilliant ideas and strategies that teach us how to effectively execute a popularity boost for our blogs, particularly if you are new amateur bloggers like myself.

Thanks to the blogging platforms and widgets nowadays, it's relatively easy to set up a blog without knowing anything about blogging... From my experience, by actually doing it, by trying out all the buttons on a blog platform and reading other people's blogs are 100 times more helpful than reading this book. The blogging landscape has evolved so much that this book has really become outdated and useless. After reading this book back to back, I realize I need to look for another book that can really help to improve my blog. If you know of any, please let me know.

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