Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Heard That Song Before - By Mary Higgins Clark

This is the first audio novel I had listened to and this is the first novel I have from Mary Higgins Clark. I think the story is an okay suspense. May be because I was listening to an abridged audio version of the story, I just didn't feel the thrill and suspense anxiety like I normally did when I was reading a suspense mystery.

There are elements in the story that are obvious to me (even I had never read any books from this author and am not familiar with her style):

  • The accused was obviously not guilty and I knew that at the very beginning. It's just how such plots usually are. The one who has all the evidence pointing against him / her is never going to be the one.
  • There are lots of characters who are directly related to, indirectly related to or remotely related to the accused and all these people will act in suspicious way to make themselves look like they are either directly involved, indirectly involved or dragged into the murder.
  • The motive is the usual one, money...(which is the root of all evil)
  • Everybody is going to find out at the end who the real murderer is.

It's interesting for me to listen to how the author linked everybody together and that in the end it will all make sense as to why everybody did what they did.

I think may be if I read the book, I will appreciate the story more because the abridged audio just doesn't have enough details and doesn't show clearly, the train of thoughts of everybody. The abridged story just didn't grab my emotion or curosity as much.

It's overall an entertaining little mystery, but I won't listen to another abridged audio book again, particularly on mystery novels.

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