Monday, February 9, 2009

Getting Sick With "Twilight"

Today I am battling a really bad cold... Looks like I will not go to the bookstore tonight to read "Twilight" . I suspect that I got my cold from the bookstore. With the economy so bad and my 401K slashed...(don't even want to look at it), I have been cutting expenses, one of the expenses is book purchases. "Twilight" is the first novel that I am reading but I don't own. I just go to the bookstore every other 2 nights to read the book. So far I am in Chapter 10...but I got sick from such reading trips, cause this is the cold season and I noticed that when I was there, there were people coughing and sneezing... I even suspect that the book I was reading was somehow contaminated with this horrible cold virus.

Anyway, I like the story so far... I can't wait to go back and finish the book, but I think it won't be too soon....In the meantime, I am following Dr. Arthur Agatston's advice to drink plenty of fluid, to take Cold-Eeze. Hopefully I can shorten my cold.

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